Kidz Corner is a proud supporter of keeping our Earth safe and clean so that future generations have a beautiful place to live!! Every one of us matters and even the little things add up to big things!!

The first Earth Day was officially celebrated on April 22, 1970, and every year the movement grows bigger and is more widely celebrated. In 1990, Earth Day was celebrated with more than 140 countries participating. Today, more than 180 countries and a billion people observe the special day.

Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Use: Show your kids that caring for the earth is about more than just planting a tree. Teach your children simple things they can do to reduce energy use year-round, including—

  • Turning off lights when they are not in the room

  • Only washing dishes and clothes when there is a full load

  • Switching to energy-efficient bulbs

  • Walking or biking to close destinations

  • Turning off electronic devices at night

  • Using less light at night

  • Opening windows and doors to let in fresh air instead of running the air conditioner

Scavenger Hunts!!



We started with this simple Earth Day colouring page set for kids that has both “sides” of the world in large graphic map lines.

Click on picture below for a FREE printout

Make an Earth for Earth Day using Dirt!

  • Print out the colouring pages above or draw your own

  • paint the ocean blue with watercolors or paint for both Earth Day colouring pages.  

  • Once it is dry, you use a paint brush to cover all the land with a generous layer of white glue.

  • gently drop the collected dirt over the newly glued areas.

  • Once the glue has time to dry, you shake off the excess dirt {outside} and are left with earth-covered continents!

  • cut out each circle map and trace it on a piece of cardboard from the recycling bin.

  • glue each side of the map on each side of the cardboard, hot glue a ribbon edge and add a ribbon hanger.