Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft for Kids


Got any potatoes going bad? We did so we thought we’d try to make Easter egg potato stamps! It actually turned out great and could be used to make homemade Easter cards, etc.


  • potato

  • knife

  • kids paint

  • piece of paper

  • paint brush


1. Obviously an adult needs to cut the potato with the knife! Any lines really zig zag, straight, squiggly however, Straight lines were the easiest and they still turned out cute. 

*tip:  zig-zags lines - Just slice lines on both sides and angle the knife to cut that piece off.

2.Dip the potato in the paint and stamp really hard against a piece of paper!

3. For this one just have a couple tiny paintbrushes for kids to paint each zig zag a different color.

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