Windsor and Essex County Parks


There are 204 parks within the City of Windsor, comprising approximately 2,545 acres of parks, open space and natural areas. Kidz Corner is determined to make parenting easier so we have included this page for you to find the BEST park to suit you and your families needs! There are numerous playgrounds, splashpads, walking trails, sculptures and the list goes on. Through this page you not only can choose exactly what kind of park you are looking for but by using the provided link find exactly where it is. It's that easy!! 

The City of Windsor has made this process very easy! All you have to do is click on whichever park you are interested in and it will give you everything that is accessible at that park, the address and even a map!
Trying to find a specific park with maybe a spray pad, sculptures or bathrooms than just click the option and ALL of the parks with that need will pop up!!